Best Smoker Reviews, Ratings, Consumer Reports 2017 – 2018

Have you been looking for the best smoker to enhance your cooking without much success?

Are you looking for a smoker that will serve its purposes efficiently without giving you a headache? Well, your search is over because will give you a solution to your challenge.

best smoker reviews

Whether you are looking for an electric smoker, pellet smoker, charcoal smoker or gas smoker, you will find our guide very useful to you.

We have put down the different types of smokers available in the market and how you can choose the best from the rest to suit your preferences.

Apart from that, we will also outline the different types of smoker accessories available and why they are important for your machine.

Best Beginner Smokers Under $300

SmokerCooking SurfaceFuel TypeDimensions (LWH) Customer Rating
Masterbuilt 20051311

717 sq. InchPropane43.5 x 21.1 x 21.4 inches4.2
Smoke Hollow 38202G

326 sq. InchPropane47 x 19 x 28 inches4.3
Masterbuilt 20070910

730 sq. InchElectric20 x 17 x 33.5 inches4.5
Smoke Hollow 30162E

504 sq. InchElectric31 x 15 x 17 inches4.0
Bradley Smokers

520 sq. InchElectric33.5 x 17.5 x 20.25 inches4.3
Weber 721001

481 sq. InchCharcoal41 x 19 x 21 inches4.8
Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D

1176 sq. InchCharcoal47 x 34.5 x 20.2 inches4.0

Best Type Of Smoker

1. Electric Smoker

best-electric-digital-smokerIn our best smoker review guide for 2017, Electric smokers have been listed as the best for anyone who is new in using smokers.

Electric smokers are easy to use because they have a set and forget routine which enable you to use the smoker while doing other things especially if you are not into spending a lot of time in outdoor cooking.

All you need to do is insert your electric smoker into an electricity outlet and it will be ready for use.

These types of smokers are the right choice for you because apart from coming with a simple manual and instructions, they also do not pose a risk of fumes or dangers of gas.

Electric smokers are the best solution for anyone who lives in any kind of housing, be it a neighborhood or an apartment complex. Another feature that makes it more appealing and best option to the consumers is that they are also very affordable.

Electric smokers can be used when hosting a barbecue or even when preparing a scrumptious meal for your family and loved ones without having to worry about getting your hands dirty using charcoal, pellets or even gas. Another advantage of electric smokers is that they are well equipped with accessories which enable you to use your smoker with ease.

Recommended Electric Smoker: Masterbuilt 30 Inch Electric Smoker

2. Pellet Smoker

REC TEC Wood Pellet GrillPellet smokers use firewood pellets as a source of fuel and this wood is bought in huge amounts to cut on cost. Despite that pellet smokers are not cheap, they are affordable and have amazing features which enable you to set a steady temperature and leave your food to cook on its own.

Pellet smokers are highly preferred because they do not produce smoky flavors. You also have the choice of buying different types of pellets to alter the flavor of whatever you are cooking.

However, the pellet smokers are not the best to use when cooking steaks, hot-dogs or burgers because they use indirect heat from the pellets which are usually made from saw dust.

A pellet smoker is best for smoking meat, pork and turkey. Food that has been cooked using pellet smoker usually has a smooth and tasty flavor. Pellet smokers are also environmental friendly.

Recommended Pellet Smoker: REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill

3. Charcoal Smoker

Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain CookerThese types of smokers give food a particular taste preferred by many people. Charcoal smokers are available in different models.

Some of the models are easy to use while others are not but if you have knowledge on how to use a charcoal grill you can find using a charcoal smoker very easy.

Charcoal smokers use charcoal as fuel to reheat wood chips so that they can produce large amount of smoke rings in large quantities compared to other types of smokers. These smokers come in different styles which include offset-side charcoal smokers, cabinet style smoker and barrel and drum smokers.

Among the above mentioned styles, the cabinet style smoker is preferred by many because they are well insulated and user friendly. Offset-side charcoal smokers are second to cabinet style smokers. Barrel and drum smokers are the cheaper option, provide a charcoal taste in the food and are very easy to use.

Apart from giving you the charcoal and smoke flavor that you desire most in your foods, the charcoal smokers are also very affordable. Charcoal smokers give a smoky flavor compared to electric, pellet and gas smokers.

Recommended Charcoal Smoker: Weber 721001 mountain cooker

4. Gas/Propane Smoker

Masterbuilt 2-Door Propane SmokerGas/Propane smokers are the best option for anyone who is looking for a smoker which they can use without getting their hands dirty with charcoal or any other type of fuel.

The smokers use gas to heat up wood chips used in the device to offer smoke but the only disadvantage is that you have to keep buying gas for your smoker and this can be costly.

However, the gas smokers are highly convenient and you can use them for cooking even without access to an electric outlet.

Gas smokers offer similar functions to what you could have achieved from the other types of smokers and many people find the taste of food cooked on gas smokers to be better than food cooked on electric smokers.

Anyone looking for a smoker which functions efficiently and is affordable will find this smoker useful. Gas smokers can not only be used for cooking at home but can also be used during camping and outdoor events without having to worry about the amount of charcoal and pellets you have to bring along.

As much as this smoker does not produce the same amount of smoke compared to other smokers, it produces enough smoke required for cooking your food. Gas smokers are also among the cheapest smokers in the market and are good for anyone working on a low budget.

Recommended Charcoal Smoker: Masterbuilt 2-door propane smokers

BBQ Smokers Buying Guide

Buying any product really hard job and Buying a bbq smoker is not an easy task. To get perfect smoky food you have to buy a best smoker. By looking at definite criteria, though, you can choose the exact model for your needs.

Well, below is a smoker buying guide crafted to help you buy a smoker that will serve your needs and the needs of your family.

Consider the Size

Consider-the-SizeSmokers are usually in varied sizes. If you are single or will be cooking for just yourself or for a very small family, then it is advisable to go for a smaller smoker.

Conversely, if you have a large family, then you will need a large model.


PriceWhat is your budget? How much are you willing to spend on the new acquisition? For those who are on a tight budget, a gas or charcoal smoker would be ideal because these types of smokers are usually the cheapest.

If your budget is flexible, then you can invest in a pellet smoker. Within each type of smoker, there are also different price variations.

Construction and Durability

DurabilityA well-constructed smoker that is well-maintained can last for a long period and give your family with delicious meals for as long as it works. Thus, you need to look at the materials that went into the construction of your smoker, and how it is suited to withstand the test of time before you finally buy it.

Comfortingly, it is not necessarily the case that the best smoker designs and constructions are more expensive and off-limits the reverse is sometimes the case. You may find a very good, long-lasting yet effective smoker at a low cost-friendly price.

Temperature Range

Temperature-RangeFor most smoking needs, low temperatures and extended periods of cooking can be ideal. But if you get a smoker that will let you to set the temperature, then it is better to choose a model that will allow you to reach a temperature of 500 degrees or so.

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Smoker Accessories

Smokers accessories are extra parts that make your device more handy. It is advisable to compare accessories and features required to enhance the working of your device so that you can make the right decision when purchasing them.

Here are some of the few accessories that you should consider to buy for your smoker.

  • Wheels

WheelsSmokers are usually heavy and sometimes very difficult to move around and you might be required to buy a device that has wheels.

When choosing a smoker, make sure that its wheels are large enough and well made to ease movements of the device around your home.

Also check to make sure that the wheels properly on the smoker so that you do not have later regrets when they get off easily.

  • Cover

Smoker-coverCovers are smoker accessories which guard your device against cracking during cold weather and allow easy air flow in your device because they have air vents which reduce internal condensation and wind lifting. Covers also keep your device clean and sheltered from other damages.

  • Grill

grill-smokerMost smokers come in grill smoker combo forms but if your smoker does not have a grill and you would like to have a device that has a one, you will have to spend more money in purchasing it.

Ensure that the smoker you chose has a grill attached to it if you wish to have a device that has a grill and at the same time, it should be a high quality smoker.

  • Rack

RackRacks are efficient because they make our work easier by providing space where you can place your grilling tools while cooking your food and you can also place your food, seasoning etc on the rack so that they can be close to you while cooking.

Some devices come with a rack and a small table attached to them but others do not, but it is advisable for you to look out for these accessories for your own benefit.

  • Movable Interior Shelves

Movable-Interior-ShelvesThese accessories come in handy especially when you are preparing different types of meat and other smoke able foods.

This is because you might need to regulate your shelves every now and then when cooking to make sure everything is in shape. For this reason, you should look out for a smoker which has movable interior shelves.

For anyone who has never purchased a smoker before and is overwhelmed by the many options available in the market, you can go through our best smoker reviews and choose the best option to fit your preferences.

You can also compare the different prices of these smokers by visiting online stores so that you can have a rough idea on how much you need to buy your desired smoker.

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How To Smoke Spare Ribs

In conclusion, do not forget to put in mind the factors that we have mentioned above which will help you pick out the ideal smoker for your household needs. Charcoal and Gas smokers are usually the cheapest options that are available one can go for but anyone who is willing to spend a little more can opt for gas smokers.

On the other hand, Pellet smokers are quite affordable as compared with the others. Nevertheless, each type of smoker has a wide range of prices depending on the various factors which include such as; size, type, durability, temperature range and accessories.

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