Adobada Mexican Marinated Pork Recipe You Have to Try This

I want adobada (Adovada) oh its just a dream!I just woke up after having both a nightmare (that I was living in the cold northeast) and there were no adobada burritos around to save me.

What is it? In Spanish it means marinated and refers to a spicy chili sauce marinade of mainly pork meats. it is similar to our marinades for robs and steaks but it packs a greater spicier kick.

Its made from red chills,garlic,oregano,vinegar and cumin. In New Mexico they use sweet chili powder in the mixture.


Then I went back to sleep and started dreaming about those burritos. That is another one of my comfort foods besides barbecue. Well, to think about it adobado is a type of Mexican barbecue.

The spices used in this marinated pork according to my old girlfriend was traced back to the Mayan culture that once inhabited central Mexico.

I was first introduced to this great dish of marinated pork back in Arizona in the 1990s . Man what I was missing before this.

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Had I not started dating a Hispanic woman i would have never found out about this marinated meat. She introduced me to out of the way Mexican bbq joints in phoenix that i would have never found another way.

My girlfriend who was both a dual citizen of Mexico and the United Stats introduced me to this dishes both Adobado and Adobada.

She lived close to the border and many times we would go into Mexico just to have some of these tacos or burritos from a man cooking them on a stand near the town square in Sonoita which is a border town in Sonora province.

Addicted to this Adobado

I became addicted to these burritos such that I had to have one every week but I craved to have it more. These are both Mexican pork that has been marinated with a blend of spices-red chilies,cumin,garlic,vinegar and other ingredients.

Adobada is usually served in Arizona as burritos but also its served as tacos.

Down in Sonora near Rocky Point also known as Puerto Penasco which is a resort town that is frequented by dry Arizonans who want to be near the sea I had adobado steak. This was a spicy and smoky delicious beef steak which I remember today like it was yesterday.

When served in a burrito it is best in a flour burrito together with guacamole and salsa. Man is this good.

The easiest way to have these burritos is to go to a fast food mexican drive thru and ask if they make it . Believe it or not here in phoenix not all the places have it, I go down to one place in the middle of downtown phoenix in the middle of the night to get some burritos and chile rellonos.

Thank the lord this place is open 24 hours. They know my voice over the microphone because I always ask for the same thing.

Yo quiero burrito adobada ,ocho chillo rellonos e queso e un horchata grande-my spanish is still lousy but it is understandable I just asked for one adovada burrito ,8 chile rennos and a mexican drink called horchata made of almonds and vanilla and cinnamon-it looks like rice water or milk. It tastes great.

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Getting back to finding these burritos if you can get it in a fast food place that’s great. A second way to enjoy these burritos is to go to a Mexican grocery and see if they have this marinated meat ready for you to cook at home-its convenient and fast to grill up in a skillet on the stove,make some salsa and some guacamole.

Buy some flour tacos and you are in business.

My girlfriend and I did not work out unfortunately that was ten years ago but every time I eat or dream about these burritos I am remembering her fondly for having introduced me to this marinated Mexican pork and Mexican food in general.

I still love adobada in tacos.

Adoba Marinade

7 red peppers cut up and heated in frying pan until soft 1 cup orange juice 1 onion cut up and diced 7 cloves garlic peeled and diced 2 tablespoons of cumin one half juice of one lemon

mix everything in blender –

place puree in plastic container add your meat and marinate at least two hours.

place on grill and cook each side for 5 minutes.
Adobado Spice Mixture
If you want it quick just heat up your pork in a skillet till cooked open a pack of your mixture and your meal is done quick and easy,just don’t tell your guests that you used a mixture tell them you made it from scratch.

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