Best BBQ Grill Cover Reviews

Smoking food is an art that is loved by the whole American nation. Smoking meat, chicken or fish has become a standard when it comes to arranging a BBQ party.

Not too many years ago, smoking food at home was nearly impossible because there weren’t proper tools or smokers available. People used to create smoke houses from dirt and then cooked food to obtain the great smoking taste.

Until now smoked food was only available at top restaurants which charged a lot of money per meal and it was disastrous for people who loved smoked food.

Best BBQ Grill Cover Reviews

Thanks to technological advancement, several manufacturers stepped in to create smokers of all kinds. Now you can find propane, wood, pallet and electric smokers to buy and can smoke your own food at home with the convenience of technology.

But smokers aren’t necessarily cheap and they require a decent investment. Smokers cost anywhere from $300 – $5000 depending on the technology and build material.

Since you will be spending so much money on a smoker, it becomes inevitable that you will have to protect it too. Since smokers are kept mostly in the backyard, they need to be protected from air and dust because if not, they can easily get rusted.

Rusted smokers produce bad tasting food as well as unhealthy food that can cause fatal diseases like cancer. So protecting your smoker is mandatory no matter how well protected your smoker is from the start.

Manufacturers understand the need to protect smokers and hence they also produce smoker covers to help protect your smoker. There are several smoker covers available and it can often get very confusing which one to get.

If you’ve got your smoker from a well known manufacturer, chances are that they already have a smoker cover available for that product sold separately, if not, you can still buy a smoker cover from these manufacturers and use it to protect your smoker.

Still if you are unsure which cover to get, we have selected six best smoker covers available today that can protect almost every kind of smoker available today regardless of shape and size.

Here are the best smoker covers you should be getting:

  1. Brinkmann Vertical Smoker & Grill Cover

The Brinkmann Vertical Smoker & Grill Cover is an excellent smoker cover that is designed from the start to offer complete protection to your smoker.

It is made with a very heavy duty profiled vinyl that has felt lining to protect the smoker from scratches and other things. The durability offered by the cover is extremely good and it should be able to protect your smoker for years to come.

The best thing about this cover is that it comes with strips that help closing it properly around the smoker. This prevents the cover from flying off during a storm or fast winds. It offers complete protection against bad weather conditions.


With the Brinkmann Vertical Smoker & Grill Cover, you can pretty must slide it on your smoker and forget about ever worrying about damages.

Whether it’s snowing, raining or windy outside, the Brinkman smoker cover is designed to protect any kind of vertical form smokers from harmful elements. It also keeps away dust particles and air to help protect against rust and other natural deformities.

  1. Masterbuilt Smoker Cover

The Masterbuilt Company is known to produce some top of the line electric and propane smokers. The manufacturer has kept high standards when it comes to build quality.

The same can be said about their smoker cover. This Masterbuilt Smoker Cover is made from 300D polyester with polyurethane and UV coating that protects it from fading and precipitation.

Masterbuilt 30-Inch Electric Smoker Cover

Masterbuilt likes to call this cover extreme weather resistant cover since of the materials used to make it. It is indeed a very good protective cover especially if you want to protect your smoker from harsh weather conditions like stormy rain, snow and harsh summer sunlight.

The cover is available in 30 inches and 40 inches sizes and is best to protect any Masterbuilt product. However this can also be used to protect other smokers that fall in the same dimensions.

With high quality build materials and a name that normally stands for high standard products, you can be sure that your smoker is well protected when you use the Masterbuilt Smoker Cover.

  1. Char Broil Grill cover

The Char Broil Grill cover is especially designed to be used with burner grills. This cover is a very heavy duty cover that is capable of withstanding very harsh weather conditions like snow, wind and rain.

The rugged design of the cover makes it extremely durable and gives it a very long life.

The best bit about the Char Broil Grill cover is that it can easily be put on and removed from your smoker without any hinges attached. There are many covers that are hard to slide on and even harder to remove and pack.

Char Broil Grill cover

The Char Broil Grill cover has an internal liner base that helps protect the grill from any form of scratches when you want to leave the grill for a long time. The cover is made from durable vinyl material and has side straps to help lock it on the grill.

Plus the Char Broil Grill cover is also very affordable and large enough to pretty much cover most medium sized smokers available in the market. This is definitely a go to cover if you want high protection from bad weather, dust and debris.

  1. Oklahoma Joe smoker cover

The Oklahoma Joe smoker cover is specifically designed to fit the Oklahoma Joe’s offset smoker. It is made with 300D x 250D polyester for maximum protection against dust, debris, weather conditions like snow, wind and rain.

The heavy duty cover weighs about 5.1 lbs and is easy to install and remove from the smoker. Several people who have used the cover to protect their smoker admit that it is one of the best covers they have used.

Oklahoma Joe smoker cover

The love showed by the community shows that the Oklahoma Joe smoker cover is high quality and delivers the protection it promises. Also the cover is so durable that it will with stand any weather conditions for a very, very long time to come.

The cover is also big enough to help protect other smokers and grills that are large in size. However, it was designed specifically to be used with the Oklahoma Joe’s offset smoker which has a bit of a unique shape.

  1. KHOMO GEAR – Waterproof Heavy Duty BBQ Grill Cover

The KHOMO GEAR – Waterproof Heavy Duty BBQ Grill Cover is one of the best smoker covers available for universal use. It can be used on just about any grill or smoker that is kept outside.

The cover itself is available in many different sizes to help protect different sized grills and smokers. So before purchasing the cover, ensure you are buying the right size.

KHOMO GEAR – Waterproof Heavy Duty BBQ Grill Cover

When you have finally bought the cover, you will be glad to know that it offers the most features when it comes to smoker covers.

With 4 sizes available, the KHOMO GEAR – Waterproof Heavy Duty BBQ Grill Cover offers waterproof protection that keeps the grill dry and clean and protects against rain and snow.

It also has vents and padded handles so you can easily fit it on your smoker. This is highly convenient since many covers don’t come with such easy installing elements.

If that isn’t enough, the KHOMO GEAR – Waterproof Heavy Duty BBQ Grill Cover also features traps that help you lock the cover tightly in place to give extreme protection against extreme weather conditions.

  1. Landmann USA 31979 Vertical Smoker Cover

Greatly increase the life span of your smoker by using the Landmann USA 31979 Vertical Smoker Cover. This smoker cover is designed with protection in mind and it protects nearly every vertical smoker out there.

It features a convenient design with zippers that can slip over your smoker and easily install itself and as well as removal.

Landmann USA 31979 Vertical Smoker Cover

Made from high quality and durable materials that are designed from the start to meet and fight back extreme weather conditions like storms, hailstorms, snow and harsh rains. You also get protection from dust and air thus controlling rust formation.


When it comes to protecting your investment, getting a cover for your smoker is mandatory. If you keep your smoker inside the garage, we still recommend getting the cover because the air and light conditions in a garage can cause rust.

The covers are made specially to help protect your smoker from such conditions. And if you keep the smoker outside your backyard, then there is no question that it should be covered.

Getting a cover all comes down to convenience. You should easily be able to remove the cover and put it back without putting in too much effort. The six covers we listed above are all designed with ease of use in mind.

Whether you use a vertical smoker or a large horizontal smoker, at least one of this cover should offer you a lifetime protection that will greatly increase the lifespan of your smoker and protect your investment as well as your health.


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