5 Best Wood Chips For Smoking

Getting the best smoke taste in your food requires the right kind of wood chips. Without the proper wood chips, your food will never acquire the signature ‘high street‘ restaurant taste that you have grown to love so much.

In order to help you get the best taste, we have selected 5 wood chips that are extremely popular amongst seasoned smokers. Whether you use electric or propane smoker, these will definitely add the desired taste to your food.


1. Weber Pecan Wood Chips

Weber is amongst the most known brands of wood chips for smokers. The Pecan wood chips are designed to add a pungent and sweet flavor to your food.

It is highly recommended to use Weber Pecan Wood Chips when cooking poultry or ham. The wood chips come in a 3 lbs pack which gives you plenty of chips to cook just about anything you want in any quantity.

Weber 17004 Apple Wood Chips

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2. Western Hickory BBQ Smoked Chips

When cooking poultry, ham, pork, sausages or beef, the number one choice has always been hickory wood chips. The Hickory BBQ smoked chips by Western are very popular amongst seasoned smokers. These chips can be used with an electric or propane smoker or even with charcoal grills.

Adding hickory BBQ chips to your smoker will yield a very heavy and strong bacon flavor on just about anything you decide to cook.

WESTERN 78075 Hickory BBQ Smoking Chips

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3. Jack Daniel’s Wood BBQ Smoking Chips

If you love the signature taste of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey then look no further than the Jack Daniel’s Wood BBQ Smoking Chips.

The chips are made from white oak aging barrels which contain the signature whiskey. Over the aging period, the Tennessee Whiskey is stored in the barrels and often taken out and put back in. During this process, the oak barrels absorb a lot of whiskey.

When the barrels become very aged, Jack Daniel’s converts them into wood chips for smoking your food.
This means when you are smoking beef, poultry, pork, ham or just about anything, your food will acquire a smoked taste of the famous branded whiskey.

This is a perfect way to enjoy Jack Daniel’s on your food. The Jack Daniel’s Wood BBQ Smoking Chips are available in 1.6 lbs bags which are enough for one big meal.

Jack Daniel’s Wood BBQ Smoking Chips

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4. Western Apple BBQ Smoking Chips

Western Apple BBQ Smoking Chips are an excellent alternative to the already popular apple BBQ chips by Weber.
Over the past years, apple has become a fan favorite smoke flavor for many smokers.

These chips add a very delicate hint of sweetness in your meat when smoked.

Western Apple BBQ Smoking Chips

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5. Wood Smoking Chips Variety Gift

If you aren’t sure which chips to get or if you are giving a gift of chips to a very seasoned smoker, consider getting this Stove top Smoker wood chips gift pack.

The gift pack contains set of 8 different flavors including:

  • Apple
  • Oak
  • Cherry
  • Pecan
  • Maple
  • Hickory
  • Mesquite
  • Bourbon
Wood Smoking Chips Variety Gift Set

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The gift pack is ideal for anyone who frequently smokes their food. It is also idea if you want to use a combination of smoked flavors to add to your food.

How to Use Wood Chips or Chunks

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It’s not a difficult task to find out the best smoker wood chips. In this article you already learn about 5 best smoker wood chips. So chose your flavor and grab that one. Have a great BBQ experience.

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