Deep Fryer vs. Air Fryer – Which One is Perfect for You

Many kitchen appliances have evolved with the advancement of technology. These kitchen appliances are great help for cooking food effortlessly. Deep fryers and air fryers are some of the kitchen buddies that enables easy cooking of delicious dishes.

Using a fryer involves lesser time to spend in cooking. All you have to do is to set the temperature and timer and wait until the fryer gives signal that the food is done.

Both of the two kitchen appliances have the ability to produce crispy and delicious food dishes. However, there are specific differences between the deep fryer and air fryer. So, read this post before making your purchase.

Deep Fryer vs. Air Fryer

Pointers to Consider: Deep Fryer vs. Air Fryer


The features of a certain product like a fryer is a deciding factor in making a choice.  Both the air fryer and deep fryer have similar features including the adjustable temperatures, digital screens and the user-friendly controls.

The performance of these kitchen appliances greatly depends on its features. Obviously, a fryer that includes better features most likely will cook more delicious and healthy food. New models of fryers come with different cooking modes and pre-sets as well as other useful features.

An air fryer is perfect to use if you want more convenient cooking. It is also ideal for people who forget that they’re cooking as it is equipped with a buzzer and digital countdown timer. You can also find fryers that features odor control like the fryers with charcoal filters.

Other features that both fryers offer are digital timer that comes with readable display screen and collapsible handles. You can also find some units with lids that have display windows where you can peek without opening the top. More powerful unit heats up and cooks the food faster.

Cooking Capacity and Size

The size is the most apparent difference between deep and air fryers. The deep fryers are bigger than air fryers. Thus, air fryer can comfortably sit on your counter, but it can accommodate cooking considerable amount of food good for four people.

Air fryers are available in different sizes and shapes. Likewise, you should also consider the cooking capacity of the fryer. Choose the one that is suitable to your needs and preference.

If you’re using a fryer to cook large amount of food, then you must consider using deep fryer. Some deep fryers have two large baskets. Deep fryers are more popular in restaurants and homeowners.


It is said that deep frying isn’t the healthiest option of cooking. But, thinking about the crispy and delicious results will make you drool. Air fryer can produce crispy fried food with just small amount of oil. The hot air present in the fryer cooks the food well through the Rapid Air technology.

If you want to satisfy your craving for crispy fried foods without compromising your health, then you must use air fryer. It uses 70% less oil as compared to traditional fryers. However, if you don’t have air fryer, you can consider using a deep fryer with built-in double baskets. This way, you can ensure that the excess oil is drained.

Reliability and Maintenance

Aside from the features, size and cooking capacity, power and specifications, it is also important to consider the reliability and maintenance of the fryer. Regular cleaning is one way of maintaining the fryer so that it will serve for a longer time.

As much as possible, you should clean the fryer after using it especially the knobs and bowls as they catch excess oil most of the time. Air fryers are easy to clean as it uses small amount of oil, thus spares you from facing problems like sticky knobs. However, it’s necessary to clean the unit regularly to avoid the appearance of unpleasant smell.

Make sure to refer to the user’s manual so that you’ll know the right procedure in maintaining and cleaning the unit. After cleaning the unit, make sure to let all the components to dry before using it again. Read how to use a deep fryer safely and correctly.


Buying a deep or air fryer would cost you considerable amount of money. But, considering its low-maintenance, overall reliability and consistent delicious results makes it a great and worthy investment.  Apparently, air fryers are more expensive than deep fryers. It’s because most models of air fryers are using innovative frying systems.

Aside from its compact size, the price of the air fryers depends on the technology it uses not to mention the many useful features consumers enjoy. However, you can also find low cost option of air fryer if you’re on a tight budget.

Thinking about all those factors discussed above will help every buyer to make a sound decision before purchasing a fryer. Over all, both deep fryers and air fryers have their own share of advantages considering the main purpose of preparing delicious and healthy fried food.

So, Which One you should go for?

Deep fryers offer more useful and exciting features as compared to air fryers. Features include removable oil tank, adjustable heat control, multiple baskets, collapsible handle and many superb features.

On the other hand, the storage capacity and compact size of an air fryer makes it a perfect addition to your kitchen. You can easily and conveniently place air fryers on kitchen top or store it on kitchen shelves when not in use.

When it comes to healthiness, air fryers are the best option since they only use small amount of oil and the cooking process is made possible through the rapid air technology. It gives you the chance to enjoy fried food while keeping away the health hazards.

In terms of cleaning and maintenance, air fryer is easier to clean than a deep fryer. It’s because of its size and no sticky oil build up.

Deep fryers are commonly used in restaurants and households that frequently cooking fried foods. Air fryers on the other hand are popular in most households especially for those people who are health conscious.

Comparing the important factors can help in narrowing down your choices and come up with the right decision.

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