How to Clean a Deep Fryer – Step by Step Guide

Using a deep fryer to cook your favorite fried chicken or French fries requires using substantial amount of cooking oil to deep fry the food.

Although it is recommended to use the cooking oil for some time, but it’s important to clean the deep fryer once in a while to ensure that it will yield good flavor of the food. It will require your time, but as long as you know the process on how to clean a deep fryer, everything will flow smoothly.

The process of cleaning the deep fryer may take time, but doing it diligently will prevent serious buildup of grimes.

how to clean a deep fryer

Things needed to clean a deep fryer:

  • Water
  • Baking soda
  • Grease dissolving solution
  • Dish detergent
  • Plastic scrubber
  • Soft cloths, paper towels or sponge
  • Seal-able container
  • Steel wool pads

Steps in Cleaning a Deep Fryer

  1. Clean the unit as needed

    If you’re using the deep fryer frequently, it’s necessary to change the oil and clean the unit. In cleaning the fryer, don’t let it sit in the sink. Immersing it in water may lead to electrical short or worse damage to the unit.

  2. Unplug the fryer

    Prior of cleaning the fryer, the first thing to do is to unplug it, let it cool down and remove the leftover grease. Put the grease into a seal able container and dispose it. Never pour the used oil down the drain as it will clog and damage the pipes.

  3. Take out the frying basket

    After removing the oil, take out the basket and clean it separately. Pour dish-washing detergent into a basin and immerse the basket for later cleaning.

  4. Wipe off the oil residue

    Use damp sponge or paper towels in removing the oil residue. If there’s buildup of food particles, you can scrape it with a spatula or pan scraper, but do it carefully to avoid damaging the finish. You can also use newspaper in wiping down the outer part of the unit to remove some oil before washing it with soap.

  5. Wipe the heating element of the fryer

    If the heating element of your deep fryer is composed of metal rods, you can wipe it using paper towels. Be careful in cleaning it to avoid damaging or bending any parts or thin wires. Check your manual if the heating elements are removable for easy cleaning.

  6. Scrub the unit with soft sponge

    After removing the oil residue, the next step is to use pour drops of dish soap into the fryer. By using a soft sponge, start scrubbing at the bottom in a circular motion going up to the sides.

  7. Rinse with hot water

    As mentioned earlier, it’s not recommended to expose the electrical component of the fryer to wet sink. Instead, you can pour hot water into the fryer and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Or you can boil water in the fryer, but make sure to keep an eye on it to avoid boiling it dry.

  8. Wash the frying basket

    While waiting the hot water to dissolve the residue, you can proceed to washing the frying basket. Use a toothbrush or scrubbing rush to get rid the food particles. Rinse the basket thoroughly to remove the soap and wipe it dry with paper towel or leave it on a dish rack to dry.

  9. Clean dirty filters

    Prior of cleaning the filters, check the manual to know if the filters are removable. If your unit has foam grease-filters, you can use hot soapy water in washing it and let it dry. On the other hand, charcoal odor-filters requires replacement as they are not washable. If the filters aren’t removable, the best thing to do is to wipe it with damp cloth and avoid immersing the lid into the water.

  10. Rinse the fryer pot

    After the set time lapsed, you can rinse the cooking pot on a running water. Wipe the bottom and sides of the fryer using a cloth or sponge. Don’t pour the water down the sink if there’s large content of oil, rather pour it in a sealed container and dispose it in the trash.

  11. Use baking soda to remove remaining oil residue

    If after rinsing the cooking pot there’s still sticky oil present, you can mix warm water and baking soda to make a thick paste. Use the paste and sponge to scrub off the sticky residue. Use chemical substances as last resort and rinse very well to get rid the traces of chemical prior of using it again.

  12. Remove the smell

    Deep fryers usually develop rancid smell caused by the used oil. You can make a solution by mixing vinegar and water and pour the solution into the fryer. The solution won’t only remove the traces of residues but also neutralize the smell. Remove the solution and rinse the fryer thoroughly.

Extra Tips and Ideas:

Cleaning the deep fryer regularly plays significant role to maintain and ensure that it will serve for longer time. The frequency of cleaning may depend on the frequency of use. Filter the oil if you’re frying fish, meat and the likes.

You can use a cheesecloth or specialized machine to filter the oil. If the oil has darker color and stinking smell, you should dispose and replace it. Before adding new oil into the fryer, you should scrub the heating coils to get rid food particles from the coils. Keeping the heating element clean will make it function effectively.

You should not only clean the inner part of the unit but also the outside surface. After using the fryer, you must wipe it clean or degrease the outer part to remove buildup of grease film. Apply degreasing product to loosen the grime and rinse it off using a damp cloth.

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To clean the deep fryer thoroughly, you must perform “boil out” to dislodge food particles. Wear rubber gloves to prevent burns. In cleaning the deep fryer always refer to the manufacturer’s manual. Likewise, perform annual inspection to know if the unit is functioning properly.

Keep in mind that proper and regular cleaning of the deep fryer will is also essential to keep the unit works for longer time. This is important especially if you’re using the unit for your business and generating income.

Lastly, the deep fryer needs regular cleaning to ensure cooking clean and healthy food.

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