How to Use a Deep Fryer Safely and Correctly

Most people are addicted to the flavorful taste and smell of deep-fried foods like chicken, onion rings, French fries and many others. As deep frying suggests, the process involves immersing the ingredients into boiling oil.

As you’re thinking about your safety, it makes sense to know how to use a deep fryer safely and correctly.

With this, it’s important to setup the best deep fryer correctly to prevent accidental oil spills or splatters that may result to serious injury or worse fire in the kitchen.

Aside from using the best deep fryer, it’s also necessary to read and follow the instructions in the manufacturer’s manual so that you’ll be spared from hazards.

Thus, take time considering some useful tips of how to use deep fryer. This won’t only extend the life of your fryer, but also prevent accidental mishaps.

How To Use A Deep Fryer

Step by Step Guide to Use a Deep Fryer

Step 1: Setup the deep fryer correctly

It is recommended to setup the deep fryer in a location accessible to water source such as kitchen sink. Never attempt to add the oil if the fryer is on. Fill the oil according to the required level.

Step 2: Set the temperature

After filling the oil, the next step is to set the temperature. Plug in the machine and set the required temperature and time. Most of the deep fryers today are equipped with built-in thermostat that controls the temperature.

It is also responsible in regulating the amount of heat enough to boil the oil and maintain its temperature until the food is cooked. That’s why you should set the temperature depending on the food that you’ll cook. The temperature must be enough to cook the meat thoroughly ensuring that the outer skin is flaky and crispy.

Step 3: Preparing the ingredients

Apparently, oil and water don’t just mix. As a rule of thumb, to avid accidental burns, it’s important to make sure that all the ingredients are drained and completely dry or covered in a batter.

Otherwise, dropping food that is not drained well into the oil may result to dangerous splatter of oil.

Thaw frozen food completely prior of dropping it into the boiling oil. Likewise, remove the ice flakes from the frozen food before frying it.

Step 4: Lower the food carefully and slowly

Use the basket when putting the food into the oil and never attempt to drop the food directly. If there’s no basket present in the fryer, you can use long-handled spoon or tong to hold the food.

Step 5: Use the right oil

When cooking food in a deep fryer, use the right oil that can withstand high temperature without burning. You can choose vegetable oil, rice bran oil, sunflower oil and canola oil.

Step 6: Set a timer

If you’re cooking food that requires few minutes to cook, the best thing to do is to set a timer to ensure that the food is cooked just in time. Immersing the food in the oil too long will cause losing of moisture. The fried food will become overcooked and greasy.

If you’re using a deep fryer with timer, you can set the timer to avoid overcooking. Setting the time on your phone is a great alternative if there’s no timer in your deep fryer.

Step 7: Remove the food carefully

Once you’re done frying the food, remove it from the oil carefully. The fryer basket plays significant role in removing the food safely by lifting the food from the oil. This way, you can ensure that the excess oil is drained.

You can use a paper towel or let the food sit in the basket for a while so that the outer part of the food is dry. Likewise, you can also remove the unhealthy oil present in the food.

Step 8: Fry by batch

If you’ll fry large amount of food, the best thing to do is to fry or cook by batch. Overcrowding the deep fryer will keep the temperature of the oil to lower. If you want to make the food tender and crispy, you must let the food move around while frying.

Deep frying can cause injury if you’re not careful in using the deep fryer. That’s why aside from knowing how to use a deep fryer you should also consider safety tips to avoid the risk of burn or worse starting a fire.

Here are some safety tips in using a deep fryer:

  • Use a deep fryer that has a lid to ensure that the oil won’t splatter that can cause possible burn,
  • When cooking the food, make sure that it is dry so that no water will splash into the oil.
  • Make sure that the cord is situated in a safe place and does not come across along the way.
  • If you will empty or replace the oil, see to it that the oil and the unit cools down. Do not discard the used oil directly on your sink as it can cause clogged pipes due to grease buildup.
  • Fill the right amount of oil appropriate to the size of the deep fryer and as required and stated in the manufacturer’s manual.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher accessible so that you can use it in case of emergency.

While it is worthy to own a deep fryer, but it also requires you to have adequate knowledge and skills in deep frying. Keep in mind that using a deep fryer is different from using conventional fryers. That’s why it’s important to know how to use the unit properly to avoid potential risks.

When cooking or using any kitchen appliance, it is essential to always put safety first. If you’re using a deep fryer, you should pay attention on the oil’s temperature.

Once the unit is on, you must never leave it unattended, otherwise the temperature will get too high and may result to grease fire.

There are many instances of grease fire, but knowing the safety tips in using a deep fryer will spare you from experiencing such circumstances. The key is to know how to use a deep fryer safely.

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