How To Use An Electric Smoker

Maintaining the perfect temperature throughout the whole process of smoking, electric smokers prove to be the most incredible way to prepare smoked delicacies, letting the meat feature its best possible flavor.

Basically, there are two types of electric smokers:

  • Vertical electric smokers
  • Horizontal Smokers

How To Use An Electric Smoker

Vertical smokers work very efficiently, but they are preferred in the colder months unless you insulate them appropriately. However, one can use horizontal smokers in all kinds of seasons despite the fact that they need much more installation space.

Here is a quick guide on How To Use An Electric Smoker taking you through the tips and techniques for using your cooking machine the right way.

Season the Electric Smoker

Seasoning or curing the electric smoker needs to be done before using it for the first time. Use some cooking oil to coat the inside and the racks of your smoker.

Turn the smoker on and let it run for about 2 hours to get rid of any residue, dust or solvents. To allow the machine to cool off, turn the smoker off and open it for sometime.

Prepare The Food

Depending on your personal preferences, season your meat, fish, seafood or other poultry you are cooking before keeping it in the electric smoker.

You can use dry rubs and spices for seasoning and marinade the meat, while keeping it overnight to make sure the flavor is perfectly absorbed.

Prepare The Food

Add Water

If you are using an electric water smoker, add water to the water pan filling it up to half. Water helps to keep your meat tender as it produces steam when heated up.

Aromatic ingredients, such as apple juice, beer, orange peel or wine can also be added to add flavor to the meat.

Add Wood Chips

Add wood chips according to the model guidelines of your smoker and keep adding them on the specified intervals to maintain the temperature. Mostly, the wood chips are added above the source of heat and they are significant for bringing a unique taste to the meat.

For every five hours of smoking, it’s sufficient to use around 4 cups of wood chips. Alder, cherry, cedar, plum, hickory, and maple are the most popular varieties of electric smoker wood chips.

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Add and Smoke the Meat

Turn on the electric smoker and allow it to reach your desired temperature. Many smokers vary in the temperature for optimum taste, so follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when smoking food for the first few times. Mostly, 200 degrees remains a preferred temperature for several types of meats.

Add and Smoke the Meat

Now, being careful while opening the door, you can put the meat on the racks in the electric smoker using tongs or a spatula. Simple control buttons are present on most of the best electric smokers available out there, thereby making the whole process a lot more easier for you.

To get the best texture and a great smoky flavor, it takes about 3-8 hours for smoking the meat. Use the thermometer on the smoker or buy an external one to know if the meat is prepared or still needs smoking. Once it’s done, take out the meat and allow it cool for sometime.


Now you have learned how to use a smoker and hope you will be able to make smoked meats yourself in your own back yard or home.

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