Smoke Hollow Propane Smoker 38205GW Review

If you’re looking for cooking buddy that will give a perfectly smoked meat, the Smoke Hollow 38205GW LP Gas Smoker with Window, 38″ can be your best choice. I’ve been smoking for quite some time using other brand of smoker, but I can’t obtain the ideal finished product until I use the Smoke Hollow 38” LP Gas Smoker.

This product is packed with features that make smoking more convenient. Thus, if you’re looking for a smoker that values your money, this can be your best buy.

smoke hollow gas smoker

Smoke Hollow Gas Smoker Review

The Smoke Hollow 38” LP Gas Smoker is the ideal smoking buddy that can accommodate variety of foods. Aside from the cooking grids, there’s also hanger rack inside designed for smoking sausage.

This product is manufactured by Smoke Hollow. It measures 17 x 25 x 47 inches and weighs 70 pounds. This smoker is very helpful for beginners and even for long-time smoker.

The smoker features a cast-brass burner, push-button ignition and multiple adjustment levels. The user can monitor the temperature through the temperature gauge.

The door of the smoker is safely closed because it has built – in Sure-Lock latch system and cool touch spring wire. It operates by using LP gas, but it’s not included when you buy the unit.


  • Easy to regulate heat
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to assemble


  • Needs using oven thermometer
  • Temperature gauge is not reliable
  • Leaks smoke

This smoker is a perfect product that can be used easily after putting it together. Since the heat is regulated, you can expect for the finished product in just a short span of time.

Who is This Product For?

The Smoke Hollow 38” LP Gas Smoker is a perfect choice for beginners who are still learning the ropes of smoking. If you’re like me who wants to smoke outdoor, you must invest in this product and enjoy smoking your favorite food outside even if the weather isn’t favorable.

Key Features and Benefits of the Product

  • Chrome plated and adjustable cooking grids – This smoker works great on smoking various ingredients including meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and others.
  • 2-Door Design w/Window – Smoking is very convenient and it allows the user to check the progress of cooking without opening the smoker. Likewise, the two-door system prevents heat loss.

Customer Reviews

This unit is highly favored by many customers because of its outstanding features. One customer said that buying this smoker is a smart idea as it is well-built. Putting together the parts is a lot easier because the assembly instructions are detailed in the manual.

Another thing that attracts the buyers is that the smoker is made from high quality and sturdy materials. This means that users can expect using it for long time provided that the unit is well-maintained.

Many customers who have been using this unit are giving high ratings because it has plenty of racks and the two door system is very functional.

On the contrary, there are other customers who were not satisfied about this product. They said that the smoker is made from cheap and flimsy materials.

Some buyers were complaining about the smoke leaking out the door of the smoker. They also complain about the customer service. Some also found it difficult to get the wood to smoke.

FAQ & Additional Tips

Question: Can a good size turkey fit in the Smoke Hollow 38” smoker?

Answer: Yes, definitely this unit can accommodate a good size turkey.

Question: Is it worth the price?

Answer: Buying this unit is a good investment because the price is reasonable.

Final Verdict

Considering the features and specifications of the Smoke Hollow 38” LP Gas Smoker, I can say that this is a nice unit valuable for the price. The minor drawbacks are override by the advantages that many customers were testified.

I am recommending this product knowing that many people who have been using it were satisfied and happy about how it works.

If you’re thinking to buy a smoker, make a thorough research about the different brands and models available in the market. I hope this review can help in making the right decision.

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