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smoking meat

You don’t need years of practice to master the art of smoking meat but it definitely is something more skillful than a round of grilled cheese. There is nothing more scrumptious than smoked meat. It’s a wondrous thing; a balance of craftsmanship and science, and we believe that everyone out there should know how to smoke meat properly.

Smoking began as attempt to preserve food long before preservative chemicals and refrigerators were even invented. Regardless of getting to be out of date as a technique for food preservation, the sheer deliciousness of smoked food has kept the tradition alive.

Through years of culinary experience, mankind has teased out all the best smoking methods and all the while, lifted the age-old practice to a level of artisan ship. There are numerous books composed on the subject, however in spite of what you may think, it doesn’t take years to figure out how to smoke have look this infographic.


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In this article we’ve assembled all the data you have to know to begin smoking like a prepared meathead in only a day.

Why Smoking Meat?

Smoking meat has a lot of benefits like eliminates bacteria and moderates development of different sorts of microscopic organisms , adds some flavor to food, prevents fats from ruining the taste, enhances the color of the food making it more tempting to eat and can last more in time span of usability.

With that it also helps the vegetables retain more vitamins and minerals, is low fat, reduces calories and helps the meat to retain its essential vitamins.

To make a great smoking meat you have to know these

Choosing the Right Smoker

  1. Electric Smoker: Masterbuilt 40 Electric Smoker
  2. Pellet Smoker: REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill
  3. Charcoal Smoker: Weber Smokey Charcoal Smoker
  4. Gas Smoker: Masterbuilt 2-Door Propane Smoker

What are the Best Meats to Smoke:

When you’re chasing for the right piece of meat, attempt to pick something that will profit by the moderate cooking process. Try not to timid far from cuts with loads of connective tissue and fat those are great things. A liberal marble will make the completed item more succulent and delectable. The best meats to smoke include:

  • Ribs:

The five principle cuts of the ribs are baby back, county style, spare, beef back and short ribs. These cuts are accessible on beef and also pork. The baby back ribs are taken from the spine side of the pig’s rib pen and spare ribs are taken from the gut side of the pork. In the event that the smoking procedure is unfamiliar to you, then you ought to go to beef back as they are huge, thick, fatty and less costly. You can likewise go for short ribs and nation style; however they are not that famous when contrasted with beef back.

  • Brisket:

It is considered as the ruler of meats with regards to smoking. This cut is taken from the mid-section of cow. This meat is entirely simple to smoke, and this is the reason it is all the more every now and again utilized as a part of grill gatherings/occasions or smoking rivalry

  • Bacon:

It is taken from pigs so it is named overwhelming meat, however the porcine species request different smoking procedure. It is normally scrumptious in taste. The primary locale from where it is taken is the gut district of the pork. A standout amongst the most applicable favorable circumstances connected with bacon smoking is that you can cook in the same number of routes as you need to.

  • Turkey:

Turkey is typically served in the bubbly occasions, for example, Thanks Giving dining experience. It takes a few hours to cook and when it turns out, it gets to be dry and infrequently chewy in surface if appropriate alert is not kept up while cooking. Be that as it may, in the event that you choose to plan salt water and after that smoke it on hot smoke, the turkey will keep its flavor, composition, succulence and delightfulness.

  • Boston butt:

This term originated from the Bostonians who used to cut the front shoulder of the pig and keep it in a barrel which is called as butt. This kind of meat needs a great deal of time since it is harder and harder in surface than customary cuts.

The Art of Marination:

Marinating the meat properly is the most important step when you’re looking for a meat smoked with flavors. After all you wouldn’t want all those efforts in trying to smoke your food go in vain because you didn’t pay attention to the flavors.

The ingredients that could go handy for a good flavorful marination is soya sauce, the acidic nature not only enhance the flavor but also the aroma of meat. Rubbing coarsely grounded black pepper, onion powder and garlic powder and leaving it for some good long hours can help the meat soak in some extra flavor.  Brown sugar is one thing you really need to get your hands on to.

Brown sugar helps with texture of your meat. If you’ve ever come across a meat that’s chewy then you might want to add a spoon of brown sugar to help meat get its perfect tenderness. Coffee is an ideal ingredient when it comes to marinades and sauces.

Coffee has a very strong flavor and when combined by other strong flavors it can boost the flavor of your meat. Using coffee as a spice by rubbing it on meat or adding into marinades and sauces could enhance the flavor. You can use grounded or brewed coffee. The brewed coffee goes well in sauces and stews. While the grounded coffee is good for rubs and marinates.

You might also want to keep Worcestershire sauce and liquid smoke close to you to top up the flavors. The key to marination is keeping up the balance of flavors not just dumping in all that you have in the pantry. It’s bit of science a bit of art and if used in the right way you might end up with master piece of some fine smoked meat that is finger licking good!

Duration for Marination:

The time duration of marinating the meat varies from the type of meat you are using. If you’re up for fish or shrimps then you might want to keep it in between 15 to 30 minutes. Tofu can go from somewhere between 20 minutes to 12 hours. The longer it’s soaked in flavors the more it tends to taste delicious.

But too much of the marination can make it taste awful so you might not want to exceed it by a day. Once the marination is done pat dry the tofu and it’s ready to be smoked.  Chicken is probably the most comfortable form everybody is fine working with.

You can marinate it for 30 minutes to 6 hours if you really want the flavors soaked into it.  Lamb, beef and pork are good to go if marinated around 4 to 12 hours. The more patience you have the higher the chances for a chef like taste that you could impress everyone with.

Choosing the Right Wood:

  • Alder has a light and normally sweet flavor, which makes it incredible for matching with fish, poultry, and any white meat.
  • Apple wood, much as you’d expect, has a fruity and sweet smoke that sets magnificently with pork, fish, and poultry.
  • Hickory has a solid and particular flavor that is perfect for red meat – particularly ribs.
  • Pecan gives your meat something of a fruity flavor and blazes cooler than most other grill woods. It’s like hickory and is best utilized on extensive cuts like brisket and pork cook, yet can likewise be utilized to compliment hacks, fish and poultry.
  • Maple has a sweet and fragile taste, and has a tendency to obscure whatever meat you’re smoking. Runs well with alder, oak, or apple wood, and is normally utilized for poultry and ham.
  • Mesquite is without a doubt the most impactful and intense wood you can smoke, and can undoubtedly overwhelm your meat if utilized shamefully. Abstain from utilizing mesquite with bigger cuts that require longer cooking times, or essentially utilize it with different woods.
  • Oak, then again is extraordinary for enormous cuts of meat that take quite a while to cook. It has an unobtrusive flavor that is difficult to acknowledge in low dosages.
  • Cherry wood’s flavor is most appropriate for red meat and pork, and it additionally combines well with alder, hickory, and oak.

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Extra Tips: Secrets for a Yummy BBQ!

When going through all the sweat to get the perfect smoked meat on the table some secret handy tips would just be the garnish to a perfectly cooked meal.

  • Honey and soya sauce when added can boost the flavor of the meat.
  • Adding herbs to your coal can give it the aromatic flavor.
  • Marinating meat with sauce every now and then can add on some extra flavor.
  • Let the meat rest at room temperature before and after cooking for at least 30 minutes.
  • Resist the temptation to peek, keep it covered.

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Now you know everything that is there to help you smoke the perfect meat that not only looks delicious but smells heavenly too. So all that is left for you is to put all this into action and impress your friends and family with a meal that’s packed with flavors!

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