How To Grill Beef Tenderloin On Weber Smokey Mountain

America’s most favorite holiday grilled dish is none other than beef tenderloin. After a long week of work, a lot of tend to spend the weekend having fun and appetizers on the way.

But when it comes to celebrating a season, one of our favorite is none other than the single greatest cut of beef, the tenderloin.


Courtesy of Malcom Reed

If it is cooked correctly, the flavor and tenderness of the meat will take you to another realm. But grilling tenderloins is no easy job.

You have to learn some special techniques to make sure that perfect tenderness comes right out of the thing you have cooked. Over the years, we have mastered some great techniques that make the perfect tenderloin.

Today we are going to share these techniques with you so you too can enjoy the perfect meal with your family.

Here are our top tip picks for getting the perfect tenderloin on your Weber Smokey Mountain:

  1. Before you start grilling the Tenderloin, take it out of the fridge by at least 45 minutes to 1 hour before placing it on the grill. This allows the beef to come to suitable temperature where it will be more relaxed during the cooking session. If you instantly push the beef onto your grill, it will push out the moisture from the tenderloin, which will turn it bad.
  2. The best flavor can be achieved by simply using pepper, salt and bacon. Start by sauté the bacon until it is crisp. Then take this bacon and slice it into small bits. Now the fat from the sauté bacon can be used to coat the outside of the tenderloin. This will give you an excellent bacon taste with an addictive barbecue smell when it is grilled. Once your tenderloin is coated with the bacon, simply add the pepper and salt on it. Ideally you should use more pepper than salt to get the best taste, but it completely depends on how you want it to taste. The bacon bits can be saved for later.
  3. Use apple wood chunks on your Weber Smokey Mountain to get the best sweet and Smokey flavor.
  4. Make sure your Weber smoker is set at 275-300 degrees Fahrenheit before you even think about placing the tenderloin on the grill. Once ready, place the beef at the center of the grill and roast it until it is about 80% done. Then move on to reverse the sear.

    beef tenderloin-on weber smokey mountain

    Courtesy of Malcom Reed

  5. If you have a larger cut of the beef, then it is better to sear it at the very end of your session. Searing first will create the muscle fibers to contract and that in return will push the moisture out. This makes the beef dry and hard to cut. The reverse sear should be done for at least 4 minutes per side during the last few minutes of the cooking session.
  6. Now let the tenderloin rest for at least 15-20 minutes off the grill. Before you cut to serve, roll the bacon bits on top of it and it should bring out an amazing flavor.

Serve the tenderloin and enjoy!

How To Cook on Weber Smokey Mountain

Let us know do you have any Beef Tenderloin recipe?

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